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2024  Upcoming Guest Speakers 

January:    Lynne Bowen - Vancouver Island Coal Mining

February:  Graham Sakaki, Regional Research Institute Manager

                  Mandy Hobkirk, Mount Arrowsmith Biosphere Region  Coordinator                               Discussing  current projects including climate action initiatives, and     

                  opportunities for people to get involved.

March:       Ross Peterson - Emergency Preparedness 

April:         AGM no guest speaker

May         Mali Bain - Getting Unstuck: Finish Your Life Story or Family History


June:          TBA

Past Guest Speakers


January:       Stephen Watson, MSc. Land Use Planning (B.C. Hydro                        Communications Lead John Hart Generating Station Replacement Project) 


February:     Jane Evans BC Cancer Foundation. Strides made in Cancer research.

March:         Sharon Speevak - Elderdog Nanaimo

May:                Ross Peterson from VIU Elder College 

June:             Laura Kristiansen will give a talk about invasive plant species.


September:    Ron Dimos -  How to evaluate the success of your investment portfolio                           and minimize risks in markets.

October:        David Hobson - The Crazy English Language

November:    David Hobson - Part 2 - The History of Middle English


Guest Speakers for 2020 to 2022  were held by Zoom. (recordings of these speakers on Members side of website)

March:         Dr. Adel Guitouni of the UVic Speaker’s Bureau on “Sustainable and                              Resilient Supply Chains with Applications in Health and Agri-food”

June:             Lieutenant Colonel Justin Olsen,

                     Commanding Officer 418 Search and Rescue Squadron

                     CFB Comox

September:   Bob Crosby - National Parks and Other Highlights of Utah and Arizona


October:       Laura Kristiansen - lighthearted and entertaining presentation on                                     Commerce and the Classics

November:    Evan Arbuckle-  Energy Transitions for the Future:  Canadian                                          Hydropower Resource Assessment - Understanding the  Trade-                                        offs/Economic Impacts of Hydropower and Alternative Energy Sources.




January:        Diny Van Beers,  walking the iconic Camino del Santiago Trail                                        extending 480 miles / 770 km from Santiago de Compostela,                                            located in Spain's far northwest to St. Jean Pied-du-Port in France

February:      Philippe Lucas, VP of Patient Research and Access, 

                     Tilray Pharmaceutical Company:  Medical Cannabis in Older                                           Patients, Results from a Canadian National Study of Patients Over 50.

March:          Sonia Voicescu from University of Victoria - Butterflies of                                                Southern Vancouver Island

April:            Dr. John Willis from the University of Victoria -

                      The Search for Life  in the Universe 

May:              Barb Riordan Project Co-ordinator of Mid Vancouver  Island Habitat                               Enhancement Society. Connecting communities to their landscape an                               works with local communities to protect and restore habitat related to                             salmon including watersheds


June:             Mayor Leonard Krog, Nanaimo City Mayor 

September:   Bob Crosby -  Earthquake Early Warning System for BC


October:       Dr. David Coupland  from Nanaimo Medical Staff                                                             Engagement Society  an update on their talk last year and how things are                          progressing with the hospital/medical services in Nanaimo. 

November:   Violet Hayes, Executive Director Island Crises Care Society – speaking                            on the challenges and the organization’s work to help our most                                        vulnerable citizens.


November:    Bob Crosby,  Oceans Networks Canada and the work being done                                      on  our oceans floor.  VIA ZOOM CLOUD MEETING


February:      Dr. David Coupland, President, MSA  - Nanaimo Medical                                                staff  Association Roles and Goals: A Tertiary Hospital at NRGH.                                    

January:        Celebrate 2020 with entertainment by the Frogs, Acapella Group

                      Enjoy Lead  Ray Bertram, Bass Ron Dodd, Baritone Roy Sage                                        and  our own Tenor Mac Dallman  CANCELLED DUE TO SNOW




November:   Brian Riddell - Science Advisor, Pacific Salmon Foundation


October:       Mike Hooper - President and CEO of the Nanaimo Airport Authority                            

September:   Mike Annan, Executive Director, Vancouver Island Compassion Dogs                           

June:             Darin Guenette - BC Ferries

May:             Randy Spensley - BC Kidney Foundation

April:            No speaker  PNN lunch social

March:          Greg Fraser - Vancouver Island University Elder College


February:      Pierre Simard - Vancouver Island Symphony


January:       Robert Grose - Milner Gardens



November:   Bob Crosby -  Earthquake Early Warning for B.C


October:       Paul Sibley and Cathy Dyck - Nanaimo Community Hospice Society                             

September:   Rachelle Muller – Story Telling (and how to pass them on)


June:            Jane Hope - Alzheimer's Society of BC

May:            Melissa Tomlinson RDR Emergency Preparedness     

April:           No speaker  PNN lunch social

March:         Joanna Hesketh - VIU - Protecting your Privacy Online


February:     Steve Williamson - BC Wildlife Photographer

January:       Rob Hallam - Habitat for Humanity 



November:  Tim Palmer  North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre

                     "Bear Facts" 


October:      Lorne Hildebrand - Nanaimo's Proposed Ocean Discovery Center




September:  Isobel MacKenzie from the office of the Seniors Advocate            


June:           Janice Perrino, CEO of Nanaimo & District Hospital Foundation

May:           Melinda Franklin - National certification as a Diabetes Educator                                       Diabetes management and prevention of complications.

April:          No Guest Speaker.  Probus  Special Event.

March:        Nestor Gayowsky _ a career Canadian diplomat and former                                               charge d'affaires of the Canadian embassy in the Ukraine.

February:    Tim Schewe -  Retired RCMP 

January:      Roger Griffiths - Adventures of 5 Old Mountain Men RETURNS!


November: Michele Hiller - Executive Director of Literacy Central Vancouver  Isalnd.                   

October:     Bill Hicks - founder Bill's Place (cancelled due to illness)

September: Tracy Samra - Nanaimo Chief Administrative Officer

June:          Roger Griffiths - Adventures of 5 Old Mountain Men

May:          Peter Sinclair - Executive Director, Loaves and Fishes

April:         Bernie Dumas - President and CEO, Nanaimo Port Authority

March:       Toni O’Keeffe -Vancouver Island Health Authority

February:   Edward Goodfellow - "Investing is just Math and Psychology"

January:     Giselle Roeder  - member and author - "My life in 3 Germanys"


November: Bill McKay - Mayor City of Nanaimo

October:     Margaret Hosfield and Ian Kennedy - Authors Tofino and 

                   Clayoquot Sound  history 

September: Jamie Morgan - Hearing Education Outreach Program

June:          Member Show and Tell

May:          Darcy O'Toole - Pharmacist Memorial Medicine Center

April:         Kim Smythe - CEO Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce

March:       Steve Warren - Nanaimo Public Library

February:   Katia Langton - Certified Pedorthist Canadian Diabetes Rep

January:     Umish Lal - Nanaimo Fire Prevention Officer


November: Anne Sison - Professional Falconer with Eddie the Eagle

October:     Mark Costales - Johnson Medical Ins and Medoc Prestige travel

September: Teresa Ludvigson and Traci Higgins  - Habitat for Humanity

June:          Arthur Black - Author, Humorist, Writer, Broadcaster

May:          David Minto - BC Salmon Farmers Association 

April:         Jeff Lott and Gerald Laport - BC  Summer Games

March:       John R. Manning - Lawyer Estate Planning

February:   Judy Hancock - Nanaimo Hospice 


November: John Gillham, Wally Roth, and Barry Tucker  - Photography 

October:     Rosemarie Davenport - NI Wildlife Recovery Centre

September: Constable Gary O'Brian RCMP  

June:           Gord Bibby Oak Tree Manor

May:          Melanie Craik - BCAA travel insurance

April:         Lisa Holloway VIHA Home Care and Residential Services 

January:     Judi Malcolm Bethlehem Retreat Centre

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