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2023 Upcoming Guest Speakers

January:       Stephen Watson, MSc. Land Use Planning (B.C. Hydro                                                    Communications Lead John Hart Generating Station Replacement                                   Project) 


February:     Jane Evans BC Cancer Foundation. Strides made in Cancer research.

March:         Sharon Speevak - Elderdog Nanaimo


Past Guest Speakers

Via  ZOOM on line virtual Meetings 10am on the Third Thursday of the Month

 Guest Speakers for 2020 to 2022  were held by Zoom. (recordings of these speakers on Members side of website)


2022 Guest Speakers


January:       Keith Ruthman ( President of Probus Nanaimo North) Canada’s role in                             Space and his career in that regard.


February:    Probus Member Guest Speaker month

                    Toula Spencer - Johnson - City proposal to Build paved sea wall over                              Departure Bay shoreline

                    JohnTownsend - Experience being a child during WW2

                    Bob Crosby - Tongo Volcanic eruption and detection by Ocean Networks                        Canada


March:         Dr. Adel Guitouni of the UVic Speaker’s Bureau on “Sustainable and                              Resilient Supply Chains with Applications in Health and Agri-food”

June:             Lieutenant Colonel Justin Olsen,

                     Commanding Officer 418 Search and Rescue Squadron

                     CFB Comox

September:   Bob Crosby - National Parks and Other Highlights of Utah and Arizona


October:       Laura Kristiansen - lighthearted and entertaining presentation on                                     Commerce and the Classics

November:    Evan Arbuckle-  Energy Transitions for the Future:  Canadian                                          Hydropower Resource Assessment - Understanding the  Trade-                                        offs/Economic Impacts of Hydropower and Alternative Energy Sources.



2021 Guest Speakers - 


January:        Diny Van Beers,  walking the iconic Camino del Santiago Trail                                        extending 480 miles / 770 km from Santiago de Compostela,                                            located in Spain's far northwest to St. Jean Pied-du-Port in France

February:      Philippe Lucas, VP of Patient Research and Access, 

                     Tilray Pharmaceutical Company:  Medical Cannabis in Older                                           Patients, Results from a Canadian National Study of Patients Over 50.

March:          Sonia Voicescu from University of Victoria - Butterflies of                                                Southern Vancouver Island

April:            Dr. John Willis from the University of Victoria -

                      The Search for Life  in the Universe 

May:              Barb Riordan Project Co-ordinator of Mid Vancouver  Island Habitat                               Enhancement Society. Connecting communities to their landscape an                               works with local communities to protect and restore habitat related to                               salmon including watersheds


June:             Mayor Leonard Krog, Nanaimo City Mayor 

September:   Bob Crosby -  Earthquake Early Warning System for BC


October:       Dr. David Coupland  from Nanaimo Medical Staff                                                             Engagement Society  an update on their talk last year and how things are                          progressing with the hospital/medical services in Nanaimo. 

November:   Violet Hayes, Executive Director Island Crises Care Society – speaking                            on the challenges and the organization’s work to help our most                                        vulnerable citizens.


November:    Bob Crosby,  Oceans Networks Canada and the work being done                                      on  our oceans floor.  VIA ZOOM CLOUD MEETING


February:      Dr. David Coupland, President, MSA  - Nanaimo Medical                                                staff  Association Roles and Goals: A Tertiary Hospital at NRGH.                                    

January:        Celebrate 2020 with entertainment by the Frogs, Acapella Group

                      Enjoy Lead  Ray Bertram, Bass Ron Dodd, Baritone Roy Sage                                        and  our own Tenor Mac Dallman  CANCELLED DUE TO SNOW




November:   Brian Riddell - Science Advisor, Pacific Salmon Foundation


October:       Mike Hooper - President and CEO of the Nanaimo Airport Authority                            

September:   Mike Annan, Executive Director, Vancouver Island Compassion Dogs                           

June:             Darin Guenette - BC Ferries

May:             Randy Spensley - BC Kidney Foundation

April:            No speaker  PNN lunch social

March:          Greg Fraser - Vancouver Island University Elder College


February:      Pierre Simard - Vancouver Island Symphony


January:       Robert Grose - Milner Gardens



November:   Bob Crosby -  Earthquake Early Warning for B.C


October:       Paul Sibley and Cathy Dyck - Nanaimo Community Hospice Society                             

September:   Rachelle Muller – Story Telling (and how to pass them on)


June:            Jane Hope - Alzheimer's Society of BC

May:            Melissa Tomlinson RDR Emergency Preparedness     

April:           No speaker  PNN lunch social

March:         Joanna Hesketh - VIU - Protecting your Privacy Online


February:     Steve Williamson - BC Wildlife Photographer

January:       Rob Hallam - Habitat for Humanity 



November:  Tim Palmer  North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre

                     "Bear Facts" 


October:      Lorne Hildebrand - Nanaimo's Proposed Ocean Discovery Center




September:  Isobel MacKenzie from the office of the Seniors Advocate            


June:           Janice Perrino, CEO of Nanaimo & District Hospital Foundation

May:           Melinda Franklin - National certification as a Diabetes Educator                                       Diabetes management and prevention of complications.

April:          No Guest Speaker.  Probus  Special Event.

March:        Nestor Gayowsky _ a career Canadian diplomat and former                                               charge d'affaires of the Canadian embassy in the Ukraine.

February:    Tim Schewe -  Retired RCMP 

January:      Roger Griffiths - Adventures of 5 Old Mountain Men RETURNS!


November: Michele Hiller - Executive Director of Literacy Central Vancouver  Isalnd.                   

October:     Bill Hicks - founder Bill's Place (cancelled due to illness)

September: Tracy Samra - Nanaimo Chief Administrative Officer

June:          Roger Griffiths - Adventures of 5 Old Mountain Men

May:          Peter Sinclair - Executive Director, Loaves and Fishes

April:         Bernie Dumas - President and CEO, Nanaimo Port Authority

March:       Toni O’Keeffe -Vancouver Island Health Authority

February:   Edward Goodfellow - "Investing is just Math and Psychology"

January:     Giselle Roeder  - member and author - "My life in 3 Germanys"


November: Bill McKay - Mayor City of Nanaimo

October:     Margaret Hosfield and Ian Kennedy - Authors Tofino and 

                   Clayoquot Sound  history 

September: Jamie Morgan - Hearing Education Outreach Program

June:          Member Show and Tell

May:          Darcy O'Toole - Pharmacist Memorial Medicine Center

April:         Kim Smythe - CEO Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce

March:       Steve Warren - Nanaimo Public Library

February:   Katia Langton - Certified Pedorthist Canadian Diabetes Rep

January:     Umish Lal - Nanaimo Fire Prevention Officer


November: Anne Sison - Professional Falconer with Eddie the Eagle

October:     Mark Costales - Johnson Medical Ins and Medoc Prestige travel

September: Teresa Ludvigson and Traci Higgins  - Habitat for Humanity

June:          Arthur Black - Author, Humorist, Writer, Broadcaster

May:          David Minto - BC Salmon Farmers Association 

April:         Jeff Lott and Gerald Laport - BC  Summer Games

March:       John R. Manning - Lawyer Estate Planning

February:   Judy Hancock - Nanaimo Hospice 


November: John Gillham, Wally Roth, and Barry Tucker  - Photography 

October:     Rosemarie Davenport - NI Wildlife Recovery Centre

September: Constable Gary O'Brian RCMP  

June:           Gord Bibby Oak Tree Manor

May:          Melanie Craik - BCAA travel insurance

April:         Lisa Holloway VIHA Home Care and Residential Services 

January:     Judi Malcolm Bethlehem Retreat Centre

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