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Keeping Busy with Citizen Science

Bob Crosby


Do you have free time, especially lately? Are you interested in doing some interesting volunteer work with your computer that will help with research and maybe even lead to some scientific discoveries? Consider joining one or more Citizen Science projects on Zooniverse at

Citizen Science can be rewarding because you get to work on some cool projects. Plus you might help make a major discovery, and you might even be listed as a co-author on a scientific paper. There is a ton of data flooding in from various sources and the scientists need help analyzing it. You don’t need to have a PhD to contribute because the projects are structured to be understood by most of us. The projects provide training, but it usually only takes 10 minutes or so to get you up and running.

There are over 200 projects in Zooniverse.  I am currently helping out on 5 of them concerning the subject of Astronomy including helping to discover planets in other solar systems. But there are also projects in the fields of Biology, Climate, History, Literature, Medicine, Physics, Social Science, and many more. There is no commitment – if you start a project and find it not to your liking you can drop it and try something else. Why not check it out?

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Volunteer Opportunities in Nanaimo
Visit requests below or check out the website


Literacy Engagement Volunteers Required


Help deliver Special Events and Special Interest Programs with Literacy Central Vancouver Island.


LCVI has been offering FREE adult tutoring for 29 years. This fall we are excited to launch new outreach opportunities and a new youth program.


Do you have a special interest you’d like to share or develop? We are looking for volunteers to support projects that engage learners in practical and creative applications of literacy.


Join us to support learners or learn about activities as diverse as: Poetry, Cooking, Gardening, Driving, Drawing, Health Care, Financial Management, Public Speaking, Media and Publishing, Computer Applications, Graphic Novels, Song Writing, Storytelling, and other suggestions…


We are also recruiting tutors to work one-on-one with youth and adult learners.


To join our team please send us an expression of interest. Please include topics of special interest or your special expertise. Also list any experience you have working with diverse populations (Ex: indigenous people, women, youth, the homeless, people with cognitive disabilities, etc.) Experience is preferred but training may be provided. A criminal record check is required.


Literacy Outreach Coordinator
Literacy Central Vancouver Island
19 Commercial St. Nanaimo


Loaves and Fishes is currently short of warehouse volunteers.  There is an abundance of food available in the community, but it requires a mass volunteer effort to ensure it gets sorted and out to the people who can use it.  Without volunteers the food doesn’t gets sorted and people go without.  With more food coming in than ever before, we simply don't have the manpower to process and sort the amount of donated food we are currently receiving .

If you would like to consider volunteering, and helping to stem the flow of waste, please go to Loaves and Fishes website ( and fill in an online form under the Volunteering Tab.

Heading 2

 We are looking for people who are mechanically or technically inclined, but that is only one of the many positions we hope to fill in the Health Equipment Loan Program. The biggest gap we have right now is for our Client Services position. This role is great for people who like helping clients and working in a reception or administrative role. Client Services volunteers are the welcoming faces of the HELP depots and directly help people coming into the office to access the loans.  As mentioned, we do have other roles and I encourage anyone who is interested to briefly review our open positions and reach out to my team if they have any questions:

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